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   Below are our shipping ,payment and return policies

If you see anything at all you would like a large shipment of please dont hesitate to ask! Prices for large orders are open for negotiation! 

Shipping and Handling

Will ship world wide!  No rush shipping on international orders!  Will ship item  within next day after recieving you're payment!  Exceptions: If I have a alot of business it may be limited to twice a week!  Email me for orders of $200.00 or more!

Shipping is included in the priceand is based on a flat rate amount. I rounded it out between Us shipments and Internanional shipments.

US Shipment's will be sent :

International shipments will be sent :

Payment and Returns

   Credit card and paypal is prefered!  Will accept money orders!  Item will not be shipped untill payment is recieved in full!  If youre not familiar with paying through Pay Pals site have no fear. Its very easy! Just add items to youre cart. When you go to pay it will promt you to pay with eather a credit card or ask if you alresdy have a Pay Pal account! If not and you intend to pay with youre credit card just click on Card and Pay!  You dont have to have a Pay Pal account to pay via Credit Card!

   Returns are accepted with the acception of auctioned off items!  Any flat rate sale item may be returned!  You must contact me within 2 days of recieving item for refund!  You must ship back item within first week of recieving it!  Item must be in original condition upon my receiving it! Ebay flat rate Items must be insured for refund!  Not responsable for currier mis handling! I have to pay ,Pay Pal a fee to refund you're money so you pay shipping on all returns! 

Personal Info.

Any of youre personal information will be kept confidential for business purposes only and will not be distributed in any way.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:



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