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The first of my art prints titled"Broken" will be available on Monday Oct.16,2006!




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"Broken" Prints now available!


If you see anything at all you would like a large shipment of please dont hesitate to ask! Prices for large orders are open for negotiation!

   I'm a self representing artist trying to start a business from the ground up. All art prints from me are my own original creations.  Weather you sell on the net or have you're own retail business,you already know getting a good original product is hard to find. All paintings are done in oil. All other art has been done in 3d on the pc. Most art will be sold as prints. There may be some canvas reproductions of some of the oils made available. If you would like one of the 3d's on canvas let me know and I will quote you a price and send you an invoice! All shipping charges are included in the price. For more shipping and payment info. see policies page!

  All art is copyright by [ Robert D. Vieau]  All rights reserved  


All art on this site are Copyright by [ Robert D. Vieau ] All rigths reserved