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Welcome to Dark Imagery!    
        On the following pages you will see Art as well as other items that may be considered offensive to some people!  Hence the name Dark Imagery! 

If you see anything at all you would like a large shipment of please dont hesitate to ask! Prices for large orders are open for negotiation!



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       Hi,my name is Robert Vieau and I put this site up to promote my Art work! Are you a bit Eccentric? Have you ever wanted to start you're own Dark Gallery or already have a horror collection of some kind ? Well then you came to the right place! Most of the art on my sight will be horror related! Some art is done on the pc while other art is Done in Oil or acrylic's. Most all will be available in poster's and, or print's. Canvas Print's from Original paintings will be available. Serious inquiries on Original painting's will be considered! So come on in and have a look around ! If you see anything at all you would like in a large quantity please don't hesetate to ask!

Check out the free wallpaper!

      All original horror art! Brand new site! Zombie's,Vampire's, Etc. Gothic Romance coming soon!

Print's and Poster's coming soon! Check out what I have finished!


All art on this site are Copyright by [ Robert D. Vieau ] All rigths reserved